Herb-X CBD 30ml Orange Spray

Herb-X CBD 30ml Orange Spray

Herb-X CBD 30ml Orange Spray


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Proud to be different

Herbx Cbd spray is a little different to most other CBD products.

Hemp grown outside in France using Organic farming methods is the starting ingredient for all the HERBX sprays.

Through a unique extraction process, all unnecessary plant waxes and Chlorophyll are removed whilst preserving all the naturally occurring Flavenoids, Terpenes and most importantly the Cannabinoids.

The resulting golden extract boasts a wide range of Cannabinoids Including CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC and CBN. This is the very definition of a true full spectrum oil.

The carrier oil used in HERBX is Organic Fractionated Coconut oil which tastes a lot better than hemp seed or olive oil. The Orange and the Mint flavoured versions are delicately balanced to provide a lovely flavour through the use of completely pure Natural plant extracts.

Application is made via a high quality pump dispenser which delivers a standardised dose every time.

HERBX CBD spray is a beautifully refined experience – which delivers results.

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